Camp 1

Dates: 30 Jul – 1 Aug 2021

Location: Zoom (Virtual)

Age Group: Participants 8-10 | Facilitators 18-30 

Camp 2 

Dates: 2 Aug – 5 Aug 2021

Location: Zoom (Virtual)

Age Group: Participants 11-13 | Facilitators 18-30

What is mosaic?

Camp Mosaic aims to unite Ismaili youth aged 8-13 years old across the UK and Europe together virtually, encouraging a sense of belonging to the Ismaili community whilst helping foster lifelong friendships and fun!

Camp Mosaic is a unique programme which pilotted in the summer of 2020. It was designed to provide an opportunity for young people to connect in a year during which physical summer camps were all cancelled. It is a special collaboration between the Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board (ITREB), Education Board (EB)  and the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board (AKYSB) which aims to enable participants to adapt to our changing world, and at the same time has all the fun bonding games and activities you would expect from a summer camp!

Due to popular demand and a hugely successful first year, Camp Mosaic will be returning in 2021 and promises to be full of fun, laughter and friendship – it’s not one to miss!

 Camp Objectives

  • To build lifelong friendships with other Ismailis from across the UK and Europe, regardless of background
  • To encourage a sense of pride and comfort in belonging to the Ismaili community
  • To enable participants to look towards the principles, values and teachings of our faith to guide them through everyday decision-making and challenges that they may face
  • To equip participants with a set of tools to enable them to adapt to our changing world and become forces of positive change.

Who is it for?

This year, Camp Mosaic will run as 2 separate camps:

    • Camp 1 
      • Who? 8-10 year olds
      • From where? UK and Europe Jurisdictions
      • When? 30th July – 1st August 2021
    • Camp 2
      • Who? 11-13 year olds 
      • From where? UK and Europe Jurisdictions
      • When? 2nd August – 5th August

Facilitators aged 18 – 30

We are looking for facilitators who are creative, energetic and are motivated to positively impact the youth of our Jamat.  As we look to the future, we are seeking facilitators who will empower and inspire our participants to ensure they are able to look ahead with a sense of optimism and purpose.

Not only will you have the opportunity to be a role model for the youth of today, you will also get the chance to enhance your communication, leadership and facilitation skills, all whilst meeting new people and making this a memorable summer you won’t forget! 

Roles and responsibilities:  

  • Virtually lead a group of participants through online content sessions, enabling them to tap into their creativity and present to their peers by the end of camp 
  • Facilitate virtual team-building activities and icebreakers to ensure participants get to know one-another and have fun!
  • Foster a safe online space and ensure participants feel comfortable at all times
  • Inspire our youth to look to the future with a sense of hope and positivity 
  • Be a role model for the youth of our Jamat
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm and ensure participants are engaged throughout camp
  • Communicate with parents and participants prior to camp to ensure they know what to expect
  • Attend mandatory online training sessions
  • Help, encourage and support the entire Mosaic 2021 team to deliver an unforgettable experience for all participants this summer!

We are looking for facilitators who are:

  • Proficient on Zoom and comfortable using online tools 
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and driven
  • Effective communicators and have strong interpersonal skills
  • Able adapt and be flexible in response to unexpected circumstances
  • Organised and committed in order to attend training sessions to effectively prepare for camp
  • Motivated and ready to take the opportunity to engage with the youth of our Jamat

Are you up for the challenge? If so, Mosaic 2021 needs you!

Are you ready to step up?

The application process will be a two-stage process. The first is an online application form with just a few questions, telling us a bit about yourself, why you’ve chosen to apply to Camp Mosaic 2021 and what you think you could bring to camp!

The second stage will be a virtual interview where you’ll get the chance to meet the team. Everyone who applies will get an interview.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Camp Mosaic family!


How to be a part of mosaic 2021

Interested in becoming part of the Mosaic family?  

Register via the Ismaili App!

For further information:

Participant & Facilitator application deadline: 30 May 2021