July - August 2019

Mombasa, Kenya • Hyderabad, India • Karachi, Pakistan

Participants 15-17 years; Facilitators: 25+ years

Applications for the 2019 GE summer camps are now closed. Watch this space for upcoming winter camp dates!

Established in 2012, the Global Encounters programme draws dozens of Ismaili secondary school students from all around the world to participate in an intensive four-week residential programme in Pakistan, India, or Kenya. The programme is organised in collaboration with the Aga Khan Academies and the Aga Khan University. To date, approximately 980 participants from 33 different countries have participated in the programme. We will have three summer camps in 2019, each starting  in mid-July and lasting 25 days.

The objectives of the programme are centred around: service learning, cultural exchange, global citizenship, and leadership development. These are achieved by providing students the opportunity to carry out community service projects in partnership with schools and local communities.

The programme aims to foster a sense of responsibility in Ismaili youth by providing them with experiential opportunities to understand the complexities of development and learn from best practice in the field. The hope is that students will take the skills and values they learn abroad and apply them in their home countries.

In addition to its emphasis on service and leadership, the programme gives students an opportunity to become global citizens and exercise a very central value for Ismaili Muslims — the notion of pluralism. Students foster meaningful relationships with Ismaili youth around the world and overall, broaden their perspectives through thought-provoking activities, all the while gaining cultural awareness.

The programme is open to participants who are:

  • Intellectually curious and civic-minded young people who demonstrate leadership, strive for excellence, and have a commitment to serve their communities and countries
  • Ismaili Muslim youth between the ages of 15 and 17 years by 1st June of the year of the camp
  • Students who have completed at least one year of secondary school, and who will still be enrolled in secondary school during the camp academic year
  • Students who understand and speak English proficiently


We also welcome facilitators who are:

  • Preferably 25 years and older with a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised university and minimum of 3+ years working experience preferred
  • Passion for youth development and volunteering with youth within or outside the Jamati context, and ability to be a big brother / big sister, mentor, and serve as a role model with positive values
  • Flexibility, strong communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability and experience working on a team with peers with diverse skills and backgrounds
  • Experience in art, music, sports, theatre, photography, media arts, technology, social entrepreneurship, etc.
  • An understanding of international development

Global Encounters aims to provide every participant with the unique opportunity to:

  • Cultivate lifelong friendships with brothers and sisters from around the world
  • Lead projects and volunteer in local schools and communities
  • Gain a deep understanding of development
  • Experience the Aga Khan Development Network’s work in action
  • Broaden their perspectives in thought provoking and challenging classes
  • Explore arts and culture
  • Visit world heritage sites
  • Discover what it means to be a global citizen

The staff and facilitators help to make every GE camp special by:

  • Supporting the development of strong relationships among participants from different parts of the world
  • Building an inclusive and respectful community among participants and staff
  • Facilitating a wide range of workshops, team building activities, sports, debates, arts, and group service projects
  • Supporting participants as they explore a new culture and navigate through a new environment away from home
  • Creating engaging projects, meaningful discussions, and reflective activities

‘Global Encounters was a truly unique experience that I am very lucky to have been part of. I embarked on the programme with 61 other participants, from 19 different countries. As a result of the experience, I was able to better understand other cultures from the worldwide jamat. During the programme we performed jamati ceremonies from different parts of the globe. A highlight was the cultural dance night, where we performed dances form various cultures including Tajik, Afghan and Indian. Global encounters has also developed how I view the concept of service and the importance of collaboration with the people you are serving. As a result at my service at the Serani Boys’ School, we were able to look at the needs of the school and from that carry out some work in their library and IT lab. We also visited some of the AKDN sites in Nairobi and were lucky enough to see some of the work that Mowlana Hazir Imam is carrying out in Kenya.

Overall, it was a very rewarding experience which has provided me with invaluable life lessons at such a young age. My outlook on life has definitely changed from this experience and I am benefiting every day as a result of it.’



“Meeting 61 other Ismailis within my age group from numerous countries around the world, has forged a bond like no other. The Global Encounters experience was highly enriching, providing me with invaluable life lessons. During the camp I took part in a service project where I was assigned to the Makupa Jamatakhana Seniors. My aim was to provide all the Makupa Seniors with a day of laughter together, creating a sense of unity amongst them. Whilst in Mombasa, we stayed in the Aga Khan Academy where I had the opportunity to attend classes on topics including ethics, culture, perceptions and pluralism. We also visited AKDN sites in Nairobi where I had the privilege of gaining a first-hand insight into what our Hazir Imam has accomplished. I intend to apply everything that I have learnt into my daily life and hold unforgettable memories that will never be forgotten.”


There are three parts to the participant application:

Participant Application with short answer essay questions
Parent Application to be completed by parents (available in various languages from your Jurisdiction Coordinator)
Teacher Recommendation Form to be completed by a teacher (available in various languages from your Jurisdiction Coordinator)Applications are available online at the.Ismaili/globalencounters.




Watch this space for 2019 GE Winter Camps!

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