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Participants 18-35 years

The European Youth Camp (EYC) is a residential program for Ismaili Jamati members between the ages of 18-35 from across the UK & European Jamats.


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  1. Provide a deeper meaning of society, community, faith, responsibility and self-identity
  2. Provide an opportunity to build meaningful, lasting friendships and a strong community network
  3. Enhance participants’ understanding of, and comfort with, the Ismaili Tariqah and Islam in general
  4. Allow participants to explore, express and debate issues of importance to them in a safe environment
  5. Promote life-long learning

Ages 18-35 years

The goal of the European Youth Camp is to strengthen and nurture the sense of comfort and belonging within our community, develop leadership capacity and facilitate personal growth.


The program also encourages the learning of new skills and talents and fosters lasting friendships that cross boundaries of culture, gender, age and nationality.

During workshops and modules, participants will explore the notion of community, pluralism, history, perceptions of Islam and relationships through creative mediums such as skits, dance and art. Participants will have the opportunity to experience outdoor activities such as hiking, volleyball, basketball and football.


By participating in morning and evening prayers and engaging with guest speakers and scholars, participants will be encouraged to reflect on what they have learned to further their understanding of their faith and their own self-identity.


During evening activities, participants will have the opportunity to learn and explore with their peers in a safe and controlled environment. They will be asked to express themselves through a variety of reflective and stimulating activities and engage in meaningful debate and discussion.

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