Information about the future of Discovery in 2021 and beyond will be announced soon!

What is Discovery?

Are you ready to explore your faith through a different lens?

Do you want to go on a journey to reveal hidden spaces around London?

Would you like to develop new skills and discover your passion?

ITREB and AKYSB are excited to announce Camp Discovery, the UK’s first ever non-residential camp taking place from 28 July until 2 August 2020. 

Targeted at youth between the ages of 14-18 years old, participants will undergo a journey throughout camp as they learn and discover about how their faith encompasses everyday life in a modern-day context. The Aga Khan Centre will be the camp’s intellectual and spiritual hub for the week and provide participants and facilitators an open space to discuss their faith, explore different cultures and challenge themselves.

Camp Discovery aims to bring a strong understanding of diversity as well as a sense of pride and belonging to the Ismaili community through experiential learning modules, skill-building activities and field trips across central London. Each day, participants will have a unique and exciting opportunity to bring their own ideas and engage with others within a dynamic and supportive environment. 

Get ready for an incredible week of fun, forming long lasting friendships and exploring your identity!

Who is it for?

Participants: 14-18 years

The camp is open to anyone aged 14-18 years who is looking to:

  • Connect with other Ismailis from the UK and build lifelong friendships
  • Learn new skills through creative and ‘out the box’ approaches 
  • Explore their personal connection with faith
  • Have fun and explore the London’s incredible sights and hidden treasures
  • Challenge themselves intellectually and spiritually
  • Become ambassadors of our faith by learning and appreciating the diversity of our beliefs and traditions

Our ambition for you is simple: we want you to leave Camp Discovery feeling energised, stimulated and excited by your experience, with new and enhanced friendships and a stronger sense of understanding and connection between our faith and your personal identity!

Facilitators: 21- 35 years

If you are passionate about working with the youth, interested in learning more about faith in everyday life and want to make a long lasting impact on an inaugural camp initiative, apply to be a part of Camp Discovery! We welcome facilitator applications from all those aged between 21 and 35, from all cultures, interests and educational backgrounds. 

We are looking for facilitators who have a passion for youth development and have worked in the past to support young adults in their journey to become an active part of the Ismaili community. The Discovery team also recognises the importance of developing facilitators’ skills and achieving personal goals as part of their camp journey.

What we look for:

  • Some / prior experience in working with youth between the ages of 14 – 18 years of age (either in a camp setting or otherwise)
  • Interest / willingness to learn and explore how faith interacts with everyday life as an Ismaili Muslim
  • Ability to relate and engage with the challenges that the youth of today face
  • Mentor and serve as a role model to inspire the next generation of leaders
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Team player and collaborative spirit when working with others
  • Passionate and creative mindset

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend training sessions prior to camp
  • Support the development and delivery of content around topics of faith such as ‘Spaces of Worship’ and ‘Significance of Prayer’
  • Communicate with others (both participants and facilitators) through problem solving and critical thinking skills around key challenges amongst the youth
  • Willing to learn and facilitate open minded discussions

How to be a part of DISCOVERY 2021

Information about the future of Discovery in 2021 and beyond will be announced soon!