Monday 13 August - Thurday 23 August 2018

Howtown, Lake District

Participants 16-18 years; Facilitators: 21-35 years


Al-Ummah Europe is all about exploring your inner self, developing future leaders, forming lasting friendships, and exploring our cultural and religious identity.  Al-Ummah Europe is designed for 16 – 18 year olds and comprises a series of team building activities, challenges and experiences set in the picturesque backdrop of the Lake District.

  1. Create a fun-filled positive environment that promotes a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.
  2. Nurture our future leaders and ambassadors of the community, by providing opportunities for leadership development.
  3. Promote the tradition of voluntary service to harness the values and ethics of our faith.
  4. Unite participants from all backgrounds and provide opportunities to build lifelong friendships.
  5. Provide a platform to develop self-confidence and independence.
  6. Instil awareness of faith within the context of participants’ everyday lives.
  7. Encourage a sense of pride and comfort in belonging to the Ismaili community.

The camp is for Ismaili youth aged 16 – 18. Applicants are mainly from UK jurisdiction Jamats, however we welcome applications from all over the world providing they can attend the 11-day camp in the UK.


We welcome facilitator applications from those aged 21-35. All backgrounds are welcome, and in fact encouraged.

Al-Ummah Europe is all about challenging yourself, pushing your boundaries and through this, exploring yourself further. It is a great opportunity to build lasting friendships, develop your leadership ability and embrace diversity, all within the principles of our faith. This is a life changing experience for both participants and facilitators, and always leaves lasting memories.

This is where the role of our facilitators comes in. An enthusiastic, motivated and high energy team of facilitators will be leading the camp and ensuring that every participant makes the most of the camp opportunity.


The facilitators are supported throughout the run up to camp, and through camp by the Al-Ummah Team.


As a potential facilitator, this is your opportunity to shape the lives of the participants, inspire them, and leave a lasting impression. It is a truly a rewarding and humbling experience to be a role model to your participants in the camp, and even after the camp.

“Al-Ummah was a great experience. I made lots of new friends and tried many new activities that I wouldn’t have thought I would have tried, as well as learning more about our faith. It was an experience never to be forgotten”



“Facilitating at AUE 2014 was truly an eye-opening experience, from which I learnt a huge array of skills, virtues and experiences that I know will stick with me for a lifetime. Bonds were formed between facilitators and participants that I am witnessing still being strong, months after we all separated! It was hugely rewarding to watch the participants grow emotionally and mentally and in character through the programme. An invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

— Facilitator


We welcome all applications from those aged between 16-18 years.

Priority will be given to first time applicants.

We look forward to seeing your application soon!



We welcome applications from those aged between 21-35.

The selection process will involve an interview.

We look forward to seeing your application soon!


Please note, refunds will only be issued in exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis.​

Abbas Kassam (Project Leader)

Ali Gohar

Alizeh Ebrahim

Farhan Shamshudin

Farhana Karmali

Mohsin Saleh

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