Al-Ummah Europe

Monday 31 July – Friday 11 August (Eskdale, Lake District)

Since its creation in 1982, Al-Ummah Europe (AUE) has provided an opportunity for hundreds of participants to explore their cultural and religious identity. The residential summer programme is designed as a stepping stone for participants aged 16 to 18, inspiring them to:


Challenge themselves mentally, physically and spiritually with a multitude of spine-tingling activities, engage in discussions around topical issues relevant to our community today.


Develop into active citizens, ambassadors and future leaders of society and the Jamat through strengthening leadership skills and gaining a real understanding of civic responsibility and what it means to be an ambassador of our faith within today’s fast paced world.


Become a more confident individual, leader and citizen, create unforgettable memories, share life changing experiences and develop the confidence and ability to clearly articulate ideas and opinions.

Comments from previous attendees

“Al-Ummah was a great experience. I made lots of new friends and tried many new activities that I wouldn’t have thought I would have tried, as well as learning more about our faith. It was an experience never to be forgotten”
— Participant.

“Facilitating at AUE 2014 was truly an eye opening experience, from which I learnt a huge array of skills, virtues and experiences that I know will stick with me for a lifetime. Bonds were formed between facilitators and participants that I am witnessing still being strong, months after we all separated! It was hugely rewarding to watch the participants grow emotionally and mentally and in character through the programme. An invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”
— Facilitator

2017 Application Process

We welcome all applications from those aged between 16-18 years.
Priority will be given on a 1st time applicant basis.
We look forward to seeing your application soon!

We welcome applications from those aged between 21-35.
Please note, due to the circumstances mentioned above, we will be looking to recruit a limited number of Facilitators only this year.

Al-Ummah Europe Team 2017

Your Path. Your Faith. Our World

Zayd Kassam

Raisa Hemani

Rahim Esmail

Abuzar Kotadia

Jenna Ladha

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